Your Air Purifier Room Guide

Are you constantly suffering from allergies and asthma, or hypo allergic to air pollution, then you may have thought about buying an air purifier for your home.

With so many types of models to choose from, it can get so confusing – and you just don’t know where to start.

So to help you out, we’ve created this quick guide to select the air purifier perfect for your home.

Why get an Indoor Air Purifier?

Most indoor air pollution such as PM2.5 come from dust, mold, pet hairs, vehicle exhaust and factory chemical fumes. It all comes together and creates this hazardous haze that you see in the city. It bad thing about that is it does not go away.

People who are afflicted with respiratory conditions such as asthma, or even those with allergies are quite sensitive to air quality. And to be honest, the only solution is to get an air purifier to sterilize indoor air and keep allergens and pollution out.

Air Purifier Room Guide Hong Kong
Air Purifier Room Guide Hong Kong


Protect Your Home from  Indoor Air Pollution – We conduct FREE Air Quality Test!

air quality test hong kong renaud


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