Welcome message from Iannique Renaud, CEO and Founder of Renaud Air

iannique renaud and family

Welcome to our blog! We are excited about using this new site and hope it will increase our collaboration and interaction with you – our friends and loyal customers.

The blog intends to serve as an open platform of informing, explaining and clarifying the actions, roles and responsibilities of Renaud. Raising awareness about health, wellness and the effects of air pollution, and – most importantly – giving us an opportunity to hear from you.

Our commitment to you is that we will strive to create a nurturing and supportive blog site that seeks to improve the lives of our customers for the better, and also to positively influence our families, our organization, and society at large. Making our footprint for a better tomorrow.

Renaud is a great organization with a promising future and we are just delighted to have you as our family and friend.

We hope that you will enjoy our posts as well as comment below each for improvements.

Welcome again to the new Renaud Blog. We hope this is the beginning of a lively and engaging conversation with you.


Iannique Renaud

CEO and Founder, Renaud


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