5 Simple Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home

allergy proof your home

You can’t completely remove indoor home allergens, but these tips will help reduce their effects.

Although it’s summer here in Hong Kong, sudden weather changes switching from dry to rain can immediately affect allergy sufferers.

Here are five simple things you can do to limit indoor allergens such as dust, mold and pollen.

1. Declutter Your Home

declutter home

Clean up the mess. The less stuff inside your house, the fewer places for allergens to hang out. And, just as important, the easier it will be to clean  once a week.

Throw away  old mops , newspaper, magazines, clothes and other porous items.

Limit to items you use all the time.  Also, focus on tidying up your bedrooms since you (and allergens) spend the most time there.


2. Ensure Breathable Clean the Air

air purifier in your home

Making your home inhospitable for allergens seems like an impossible task. In a way, it’s you against millions of PM.25 particles, mold spores, dust mites and in some cases, pollen.

Fortunately, you’re way smarter than these tiny microbes, and following these tips can help you keep allergies at bay.

A well-ventilated house is the first-line of defense against bringing allergens into your living space.

Your next best protection, is to use high-efficiency air purifiers in your home to keep the air clean. Keep your windows closed when PM 2.5 levels are highest. You can keep track of air pollution levels here.

Also, mold spores can stick clothing, so when you come in from outdoors, remove your outer garments in the mud room, and take a shower.

3. Keep The Bathroom Clean Always

bathroom clean

Your bathroom is a breeding ground for molds, in fact, it’s their haven at your home. Try to make sure everything is dry after use to prevent mold growth. Also, check water pipes for leaks.

Regularly clean walls with a nontoxic cleaner. Make sure that ventilation fans are routed to the outside, and run them for 30 minutes after a shower or bath. Scrub away mold on pipes and fixtures.


4. Limit Dust Creators (Fabric Rugs and Carpet)

carpets and rugs allergens

Yes. Your living room carpet can help create more dust by the breaking down of fibers. But it doesn’t stop there, having curtains, high-pile carpeting and upholstered furnitures are home to allergens

Your best defense, use a wet mop to clean walls and other surfaces. If you must have carpeting, then make it a routine to vacuum weekly with a cleaner that has a small-particle or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

5. Restrict Pollen Generating Flowers Indoors

pollen flower allergens

It’s nice to have flowers around a home. Unfortunately, most flowers have pollen. The yellow, sticky pollen that bees carry from plant to plant that causes allergic reactions.

If you really must have flowers, then try to use an air purifier in the same room or vicinity to cleanse the air from pollen spores. Make sure to constantly replace air filters every 6 months to maintain the maximum cleaning effect of your air purifiers and its filters.


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