Is Your Air at Home Hazardous to Your Health?

We’re so picky about the foods we eat to stay healthy. We spend lots of money on exercise equipment to remain physically fit and pay a hefty price for the world’s best mattress for comfort, but is the air we breathe in our home of the best quality?

In order to enjoy the things we so carefully choose, and live a quality healthy life with those we care for, we must be pro-active and provide a healthy environment for our families. Our lungs, which filters the air we breathe, should be protected from chemicals and contaminants that are polluting our natural resources that we take for granted. Annoying symptoms such as tightness in the chest, coughing or irritated throat, may be the onset of a respiratory problem.

In an unhealthy environment, where the air is filled with smoke, mold or the smell of mildew is apparent, breathing in this contaminated air could soon affect your health. The health effects of breathing dirty air are more evident at night. You may have difficulty breathing and be disturbed with a constant cough. The tossing and turning keeps you awake and without any rest. This in turn, prevents you from having a productive day at work or school because you were deprived of a good night’s sleep.

A study from the Ohio State University Medical Center has shown that breathing unhealthy air tends to raise blood pressure as well as cause vascular inflammation in adults. Also of important concern is the effect of polluted air upon the developing lungs of children. Exposure to air pollution in children could make them prone to developing chronic respiratory infections or asthma.

Since it’s easier to provide your child with healthier air quality in your home than you can outdoors, the solution is with a quality HEPA air filter. A medical grade HEPA air purifier will easily eliminate 99.97% of airborne contaminated particles from the air inside of your home.

Once trapped inside the HEPA filter, the contaminants will not be recirculated into the air. Particles from dust, pet dander, mold spores, pollen, bacteria and even viruses are eliminated from the HEPA filtered air and provide a fresh clean environment. It helps alleviate symptoms brought on by chronic respiratory problems such as asthma. It may prevent further damage to those not yet affected with breathing difficulties.

Providing healthy indoor air and a safe environment for your family with the use of a high quality, medical grade HEPA air purifier may be the best investment you make for your family and home.

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