Top 10 Tips to Keep Your Grill Clean

Grilling involves the application of dry heat from above or below to the surface of food for cooking purposes. Grilling is more of a skill; therefore, to be a great griller, an individual must be great in the techniques involved in the art of cooking. However, grill maintenance must not be ignored as it is a big part of the techniques involved in becoming a great griller. There are a few steps to follow in order to avoid common mistakes individuals make when their grill is all but fired up.

Clean the Grill Up

A dirty grill could cause your food to have a bad flavor as there could be uncontrolled smoke flaring up from it. It is very important to clean up your grill – this you can achieve when you take out the burner covers and grates at least every six months, clean them, clean up food, ash deposits and excess gunk that may have gotten in there. It is also a great idea to turn the grill up high for 10-15 minutes every week to burn off excess gunk.

Keep Your Grill Covered

Most grill brands make their covers which you would have to buy separately and it is important to use a grill cover when a grill is not in use. This protects your grill from elements that could lead to rusting and accumulation of dirt on your grill.

Check for Propane Leaks

With the propane turned on, run soapy water along the gas connections and lines. If you notice bubbles form, there is a leak and the connection would need to be tightened or you replace the line. This should be done monthly.

Prevent Food from sticking

To avoid doing much hard cleaning job after cooking, apply high smoking temperature oil such as peanut oil lightly before you turn the grill on. This would prevent food from sticking to the grill.

Clean off rust Surfaces

A fine steel wool pad would help you remove rust on the exterior of your grill. Once you are done with this mild cleaning, spray the rust area with grill paint.


Ensure you store your grill at least 10 feet away from your apartment, far away from any contact with flammable materials. Also store the grill propane tanks outside under shelter from sunlight.

Inspect the Venturi Tubes

The venturi tubes feed the burners by allowing for mixing of air and gas. In order for these tubes to function properly, they must be clear, free from spiders and other insects that could cause blockage. Clean it up using clean and soapy water, using a wire brush to clean the holes. This would prevent fire hazards.

Care of the Surfaces

Different brands make their grill using different materials. Porcelain-coated still lids are fragile and must be clean with mild dishwashing soap, while stainless-steel lids should be cleaned with hot soapy water. Knowledge of the type of grill surface is important for its cleaning – always consult the owner’s manual.

Check the Pressure Regulators

Has your ignition system stopped producing a spark? Ensure the pressure regulators are tight on the tank, then try lighting your grill up manually. If it lights up, check the ignition batteries and clean or replace the electrodes. There are directions on the owner’s manual to guide you through the process.

Inspect the Heat Tents or Flame Tamers

The flame tamers directly cover the grill burners. Keep them clean by using a wire brush and avoid applying oil on flame tamers after the cleaning process.


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