How To Clean and Replace Your Air Purifier Filter

Having weighed the pros and cons of owning an air purifier, you’ve finally decided to invest in one. You’ve enjoyed putting it to use and all shall be well. Except, you’ve also forgotten that air purifiers – like all electrical appliances – need proper care and maintenance to last long enough.

Unlike most electrical appliances, though, maintenance of air purifiers is not simply down to proper usage and simple maintenance. While certain filters in air purifiers need occasional cleaning to keep them safe for use, the vast majority require regular change. Thus the cost of owning and maintaining an air purifier outweighs the cost of just purchasing one.

To Clean or to Replace?

Whether you’d clean or replace a filter in your unit would depend on the type of filter and the manufacturer of the unit. HEPA filters must be replaced not cleaned. HEPA filters will remain effective, purifying your air, until they reach the point of no return where they must be changed to have any use.

Carbon filters are less rigid. They should be changed more frequently than other filters; while some models allow removal and cleaning – this is also true of other filter types present in air purifiers. If your air purifier is fitted with a “pre-filter”, cleaning not replacement is necessary.

When do I Clean or Replace my Filters?

Most air purifiers come pre-fitted with a filter indicator. This indicator tells you if and when a filter within the unit requires cleaning or replacement. Some air purifiers also indicate how long you have used your filter and how long you can continue to do so until replacement. HEPA filters are to be replaced after 12 – 18 months of usage. As a rule of thumb, replace other permanent filters every 3 – 6 months, depending on usage.

Tips to Keep in Mind about Cleaning or Replacing a Filter

  • Make sure the unit is turned off and unplugged from a power source.
  • Pre-filters made from foam can be washed using warm, soapy water and should be washed every 30 days at the most.
  • HEPA filters are not to be washed. Carbon filters mostly are not to be washed either, but this might vary by manufacturer.
  • All reusable filters and component parts of an air purifier unit should be thoroughly dried (without using an automatic dryer) before they are returned to the unit.
  • Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction on timing and procedure of cleaning and/or replacement.

Finding the Right Replacement Filter for Your Air Purifier

The market is littered with generic replacement filters that can seemingly fit into any brand. While some of these may be good enough for your brand, it is always best to ensure that your replacement is compatible with your unit. For the most part, your brand will have replacements available. On the other hand, having your air purifier model number handy will help you shop for compatible replacements.

Maintaining an air purifier as it should be can be expensive. Still, if you want your air purifier to function properly for as long as it lasts, it is a cost you would have to put up with. Cleaning on time and replacing as due can save you from health hazards and protect you from the expensive replacement of a full unit.

Need To Replace Your Air Purifier Filters? 

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