Breathing Clean Air Means Healthier Children

Children breathe in more air than adults as they have lungs still undergoing development and they inhale more air per pound of their body weight than adults do. For this reason, children are more susceptible to air pollution than adults. Indoor air pollution is even more dangerous as there is usually general lack of ventilation and air flow, leading to the presence of contaminants that kids can easily be exposed to. For your kids to be healthy, you must take necessary steps to ensure they avoid environments that are polluted. There are various ways you can achieve this and have a happy, healthy child.

No Smoking

Do not smoke or allow anyone smoke in the presence of your child. If you do smoke, you could wear a smoking jacket and remove it before you enter a child care premises or an environment where children may be found.

Limit Perfumes and Fragrances

Artificial air fresheners and scented candles contain chemicals, including dangerous solvents which help achieve the purpose of providing fragrance and scented atmosphere. These chemicals should be avoided in homes where there are children and in the place of them, essential oils may be used.

Use Less Toxic Cleaning Products

Many ingredients in cleaning products pollute the indoor air, making breathing fresh air a huge task. Use of these cleaning products could lead to irritation of the eyes, skin and damage to the respiratory tract and natural environment. Using biodegradable cleaning products are not only less toxic but they will do less damage to the health of your kids.

Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is an effective, chemically free alternative to the use of pesticides to control pests. The Integrated Pest Management has little or no hazardous effect to people especially kids, the environment, and properties in the environment.


In reality, less pollution and availability of fresh air could set your child on the path to a long, healthy and satisfying life. You owe children under your care 100 percent protection at all times and there is no better way you can do this than ensuring your kids breathe in only fresh air at all times as much as you can control. Air pollution really affects the health of your child, so definitely clean, fresh air really matters. While engaging in any outdoor activity, you could take your child out for a walk depending on the age of the child or allow them to have a great time with their friends in the park or neighborhood. This will go a long way to improve their breathing experience and ensure they also do well in their academics as a healthy child is a happy child.

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